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Maraini Dacia Maraini Dacia
Signed 20x25cm (8x10 Inch) photograph. Signed perfectly in dark ink.
€15.00 *
Weingartner Felix Weingartner Felix
Signed 10 x 15 cm (ca. 4 x 6 Inch) original vintage photo postcard. Signed and dedicated perfectly in dark ink. Dated 3/10/28.
€90.00 *
Artman H. C. Artman H. C.
Signed Program from 1958.
€30.00 *
Autograph Sheet Autograph Sheet
in about 21x 27cm that has been signed by 25 famous artist of the early twenties of last century: COMPOSERS: Arnold Sch├Ânberg (very rare), Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Wilhelm Kienzl, Franz Lehar, Julius Bittner, Emmerich Kalman, Josef Marx,...
€1,600.00 *
Sedaris David Sedaris David
8x12 Photo. Signed perfectly in dark ink.
€30.00 *
Pamuk Orhan Pamuk Orhan
8x10 Photo. Signed perfectly in dark ink.
€80.00 *
Schami Rafik Schami Rafik
8x10 photo. Signed perfectly with fountain pen.
€25.00 *